Bro. Robert G. Mauch

Brother Mauch was born 91 years ago in Muskegon Michigan. As a child his family moved on to a couple of different towns in Missouri. During the depression, as a young man, he and his family made their way to Southeast Arkansas living in Pine Bluff and then in Gould Arkansas.

As he soon realized that at 16 years of age, he was pretty much smarter than most of the teachers in his county, he visited the local Navy recruiter. After making questionable statements regarding his age he was swiftly enlisted into the U.S. Navy and eventually assigned to Pearl Harbor where he aided our Country’s cleanup efforts at that then destroyed Pearl Harbor in World War II.

Brother Mauch served his country with distinction until December 9th, 1949.

He then joined the Southwestern Bell Telephone company in 1950. After a couple of years there, he was transferred to Midland Texas and then eventually on to Longview Texas.

In October 1963, Bob found himself working in Dallas Texas pulling telephone wires in the massive downtown Stoneleigh hotel. A short while later he reluctantly decided to go on a blind date to a Christmas party in December, and the rest, as they say, is history. The following spring he and Ms. Martha Sue were married and called the Dallas area their home.

It was only a few short years later that history would be so greatly affected when Bob would meet a group of men near the downtown Square of Carrollton and was soon raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason in March 1968.

Bro. Mauch went on to be Worshipful Master of Carrollton Lodge in 1977-78. District Deputy Grand Master thereafter and then again as Worshipful Master of James A. Smith Lodge 2013-14 and 2014-15. He is a Past Thrice Illustrious Master/Past High Priest of Love Field Chapter and Council, Dallas Scottish Rite KCCH member, a member of the Hella Shrine and Dallas Commandery No. 6.

Bro. Mauch was a District Instructor from 1994 to 2016 and was then appointed District Instructor Emeritus. He received the Grand Lodge of Texas Lifetime, Class A Certificate in 2015.

In 2017 Bob was called up on stage at the 181st annual Grand Lodge Communications in Waco and was awarded the William H. Beck Award as well as receiving the Sam Houston Hall of Fame honorary full membership by the Grand Master of Masons.

In 2018 he received, before a packed Lodge, overflowing with Masons, the prestigious 50 Year Masonic Service Award from the Grand Lodge of Texas.

Texas Masons owe a great deal to this man and Mason. After decades of Raising hundreds of Master Masons and teaching many hundreds more, the Fraternity is now weaker with his absence.

The Lodges of Carrollton and James A. Smith would be a fraction of their existence were it not for his tireless efforts and decades of commitment to the betterment of so many others..