Live with Chivalry.

Let’s raise a glass to the almost-forgotten fine art of Chivalry.

Here’s to doing things the right way.  To give a damn about others.

Here’s to giving your word and keeping it.  Here’s to honor. And it’s simple extension, the handshake.

Here’s to style, exuberance and charisma.   Here’s to black instead of no tie.

To the man rich, in experience.  Here’s to chasing wealth, in all it’s forms.

And here’s to sharing it.

Here’s to straight talking or as it used to be known, honesty.

Here’s to having some front and watching someone’s back.

Here’s to knowing that life‘s real luxuries are time and friendships.

Here’s to optimism, and leaps of faith.

Here’s to freedom.  And having the audacity to go out and get it.

Here’s to knowing that you’re not alone.

That together we’re better, stronger, smarter.

Here’s to the brave and the enlightened.

To a shared way of behaving that sets certain men apart from all others.

Here’s to those who live with Chivalry.

Here’s to us

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