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What is Freemasonry?

Founded in justice and benevolence… The grand object of Masonry is to promote the happiness of the human race.

George Washington

It is organized as a fellowship of men, a system of morals, a philosophy taught by degrees through the use of symbol, story, legend, pictures, and drama. It has served as a center of union among differing backgrounds, cultures, and countries. It serves as the means of conciliating true friendship among persons, who, because of differences, must have otherwise remained at a perpetual distance.

Harry Truman.

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Just what is a Lodge?

Many men wonder how trustworthy their friends are, or whether they are dependable in a crisis. In most cases, they won’t be. Brothers are different. Brothers live by a code. And, deep down, most men want to live by a code.

The basic purpose of any Masonic Lodge is to make "better men out of good men", better fathers, better husbands, better brothers and better sons. We try to place emphasis on the individual man by strengthening his character, improving his moral and spiritual outlook and broadening his mental horizons.

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Lessons of the Beehive

It’s no wonder that operative masons came to see bees as beings of similar spirit, culture and intent. Bees have long been symbols of industry, stability, regeneration, wisdom and obedience. The bee works hard and tirelessly, not for herself, but for the benefit of the hive. She has a knowledge of material and process and works in cooperation with others. She is protective of her leader or Queen, opposes the admittance of enemies to the hive and lives in a society governed by law and order.

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Lessons of the Hourglass

by Chad Bockius
In college and pro basketball, they use a shot clock to limit the amount of time a team can hold the ball without trying to score. This keeps the team from holding onto the ball and slowing the game down. Same goes for the play clock in football. As soon as the play is whistled dead, they start the clock and give the offense a limited amount of time to get set, and run the next play. Shot clocks, hour glasses, and timers are unrelenting. They keep moving, even though we want to stop and take a breath. There’s no turning the clock back or flipping the hourglass over. You play, you finish, and the game moves on. Basketball and football players are going to make the most of their time and not waste it, if they want to win. .

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Fiat Lux

Knowing others is Wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.

When a man makes the commitment to, and is appointed or voted to hold a Chair in a Lodge, he makes a determimed commitment, atleast in a temporary sence, that he will be a source of positive support and encouragement to it's members.

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So, just who was this Giant in Texas Freemasonry? Many would agree that the lives of many hundreds of men were greatly improved because of the charactor and decades of commitment of this "salt-of-the-earth" Soul of a man.

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We are located 12823 Demetra Dr. Farmers Branch, Texas.

We received our Lodge Charter in June of 1874 from the Grand Lodge of Texas.

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